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SO long overdue, but alas’.

In an attempt to surprise Beau with a trip to Hawaii, I quickly upon booking flights, found that flying to Thailand was much cheaper. Just like *that* Hawaii was cancelled, and Thailand was book.

I booked everything through Orbitz and if we ever decide to do another international trip, I might go through a travel agent instead. Not that any of our problems were caused by Orbitz, but I feel that a lot of it could have been resolved after the fact, through an agent.

Let’s begin!

China Eastern Air – NEVER, and I mean NEVER book a flight.. unless your plan is to actually BE in China. I swore off China, after our trip, but there is so much beauty in that country that I won’t not go if given the opportunity. I shall explain.

Our flight out of LAX was 1:00 a.m. with a 12 hour or so flight to Shanghai. Following by a 4 hour layover then a flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Except, we almost never made it.

Our flight to Shanghai actually landed in Hangzhou, and we never got off the plane. Seriously. We sat in our plane for 7 hours, on the tarmac. At about the 3rd hour in, the flight attendants stopped giving announcements in English. We then sat on the runway for an hour before we took off to Shanghai – were we were again, grounded for about 2 hours before we boarded off the plane and entered a scenario reminiscent of Black Friday at a local Walmart.

I was on the verge of tears and a complete mental breakdown. We missed our connecting flight to Thailand – and had no idea where we were supposed to go once we were in the airport. Nobody spoke English, or at least cared to. Nobody was of any help. We ended up getting directed to the wrong place and essentially “entered” China, as in, “Where is your Visa?” entered China.

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We landed in Bankok, and then had to take the shuttle up to their domestic airport for our flight to Krabi, Thailand (which we missed – and ended up having to book a last minute hotel room (after we lost our first flight and hotel room because of said missed flights) – enter reasons for having a Travel Agent)

2 and a half days were spent in a miserable transit, but eventually got to where we wanted to be. Together, in Thailand.

And now you enter the #PhotoStory

Wat Tham Suea – Tiger Cave Temple


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This is an incredibly packed tourist hot spot. I almost want to say, save your time and money. I was hoping a more authentic venture, but it wasn’t. All the goods are the mass produced, and I couldn’t even find fresh fruit. Maybe it was just a bad day? We got…. swayed into buying a half day trip through a tourist agency. *Should have known!* We were supposed to get a ride there, which was more than an hour drive, and then a half day at the market followed by a ride back to your hotel.

We got an hour at the market, well technically we got a ride to the market and a 15 minute speed boat trip to the market. The actual floating boats, we had to pay for separately – and we only were given 1 hour.

We then got a ride to an Elephant park – DO NOT EVER EVER EVER go. I was so upset, I sat outside on the bench and refused to give them any attention or my money. If you want to know a little more about the industry, I highly suggest watching Christian LeBlanc’s Black Tusk playlist.

The view from our hotel – Lebua at State Tower.

That’s all for now, but I have a lots and lots of photos to upload and delve through.