Speak your truth.

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I have been researching and joining groups that I am hoping will help me find my path towards balance and progression – in all aspects of life. I have generally been someone who goes from utterly obsessed to completely unoccupied.

I am striving for work balance, my job and my side business; life balance, my side business with family and friends and time; emotional balance; etc.

In a group I joined “The Visible Created”, a community for spiritual-based creative entrepreneurs – I made my introduction post which included my habitual downplay of accomplishments and cynical side comments (Yep! My own cynical side comments to my own introduction). The woman who hosts the group responded to my post in which she included a thank you for sharing my truth.

Speak/Share your truth.

I cannot say I have done so, ever. My truth has always been filtered, consciously and subconsciously.

It is my hope, no, it is my goal, to Speak My Truth, unapologetically.