Lularoe <3


Lularoe  guaranteed to boost confidence and spirits!

I will be hosting a Spring Outfit Showcase tomorrow Friday, May 12 at 7pm PST on my Group page!

I will also have an announcement right beforehand at 6:55pm!

I’ve been juggling my work, with my Lularoe business, with life and trying to progress in all aspects. I have been absorbed in multiple groups that are focused on business growth, while also trying to tap into the creativity in it all.

Did that make sense? Cause it didn’t to me Haha!

I have no path – and I have been jumping into the deep end of various lakes not knowing which one I should give my full attention to. I need a coach – a life coach, a business coach, heck I even need a nutrition coach.

I will say that, although overwhelmed and slightly loss, I have so much hope.

Until I find a coach or a path or a lit tunnel – I will give my heart to Jen Sincero and her new book: You are a Badass at Making Money.