Vision 2017 – recap

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This weekend, was an… experience.

Lularoe, for anyone new, is a (direct-sales) clothing company. They have their staple styles, but what sets them apart is that their prints are designed in-house (Patrick!) and there are only SO many of each print that is created and offered in each style. The numbers have certainly grown as the company has grown, the last I heard was that there was approximately 2,500 prints in each style that is offered.

Vision, is the annual conference, where 25,000 or so retailers gather for a learning-networking-inspiring experience.

Now let me say this, DISCLAIMER – unless you fully drink the kool-aid, the experience is not all that it is cracked up to be.

It was fun, it was hectic. It was inspiring, it was exhausting.
It was also $400… to which I would not pay again. hashtag sorry.

Regardless, it was a company I invested in and it was an experience I felt was worth investing in. However, the feelings of doubt (not doubtful of success, but doubtful, if I actually belonged there) I had prior to convention solidified. I fought against myself for a few weeks/months into believing that I did, in fact, want to grow with Lularoe but it just is not the case.

The takeaway from this experience, is that I do not need to be involved with a company that I saw as the beacon of color and joy to be a colorful and joyful person.

I walked away with a feeling of security in my own self.

I would rather fail, attempting to do what I want, than to force myself into a bubble and not even believing in myself enough to try.