Running for Peace.

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It’s been a couple weeks since my dog and I strapped up our adidas and went running while the sun was rising, but this morning, we rose and tried to do just that.

Barely a half mile in, and I noticed a man sitting in a car. He pulled up to a stop sign we had just crossed, and he sat there. His window was down, and he was turned and staring at us. Staring.

What seemed like minutes later, he made a turn in our direction, and pulled creepily and slowly down the street toward us. Eventually he came to a stop, where we were and then he continued down, but instead of turning, he made a u-turn, and continued uncomfortably slowly down the street towards us again.

We bolted. Banner and I took off running as fast we could in the opposite direction of him but got caught at a stop light, when my dog needed to relieve himself. The man caught up.

He sat in his car, staring at us at the light. The light was green. Years passed. He just sat in his car staring at us.

This man, for whatever his reasons were – none of them pure, robbed me completely of my peace and safety, in my own neighborhood.

I couldn’t muster the strength to run back home. I hid in an unknown neighborhood among trees and called my boyfriend to pick me up.

I can’t shake this, feeling.