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I have habitually resorted to using credit cards to buy stuff to make myself feel better. I have also habitually overflowed my dresser, closet and room with stuff and then donated it away months and years later, unworn and unused.

I climbed out of debt – using a debt consolidation agency – after a very dark place in my life. It took quite a lot of time, shot my credit score and essentially taught me nothing.

::Β insert Dave Ramsey ::

Instagram has provided rare moments of enlightenment for me – and this one account, I wish I could remember who it was, changed my way of thinking in regards to money. I immediately got my free subscription trial to Audible, and downloaded the book “Total Money Makeover.”

In myΒ financial district (this tag will be available for search in the Birds Eye View) I will document my journey to how I snowballed out of debt, and all the lessons I learned along the way. I will include many resources that I have found thus far and will continue to find along the way.

It is my hope to be completely transparent. I have seen many posts where I thought “I can’t do that,” but in reality, I can and I will.