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As I embark into tackling my debt, I’m confronted with what should have been obvious – but wasn’t.

Spending habits.

I am a victim of instant gratification. I see what I want, and I’ll divulge. I find myself in patterns of spending, hoarding, purging, over and over again. I have started to sell of my Lularoe inventory at wholesale to other consultants (although, I am finding myself eager to sell it off to customers — that’s a story probably for another time). So far, it’s paid me out about $500 which was all going to my Alaska Air credit card.


Where did it go? About a $100 of it went to FOOD. My weakness.

The rest, has almost ended up in fast fashion. I shop online, habitually. I peruse on instagram and see things I want, things I “need”, things I think I’ll love. It leads me to random websites where I load my cart up, I apply shipping zip codes, I get all the way to the payment option and then close out.

At the beginning of the year, one of my biggest new years resolutions was to minimize my consumption and my footprint. Then, Lularoe happened. Trying to sell clothes, that people don’t really need, to people who don’t need them. I even filled my own closet, found myself needing new shoes, new accessories, new pieces to tie the look in together.


Going back to that. Going to the earth. Going back to gratitude for experiences.

[edit] I immediately hopped on Amazon, to find books on minimalism LOL. I do *not* need to buy anything to teach me about minimalism.. that’s what YouTube and blog networking is for!! If you have any advice, referrals or tips — GREATLY appreciated.