Mindful Eating.

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Funny story today.

All over my news sites, were blurbs of the new lower prices at Whole Foods that were taking place today because of Amazon.

I told myself I would go to Whole Foods after work to get some groceries. As the day progressed, the more exhausted I got and the less I wanted to actually go.

On my way home, I realized I was in *dire* need of gas. Dire… as in… my car wasn’t exactly accelerating anymore – and I was QUITE far from home.

I was coming up on the last exit on the freeway before mine, where I knew there was a gas station. Right there, as I pulled off the exit and turned– was a WHOLE FOODS.

I picked up many different non-meat options, none of which I had tried before (well except the tempeh, but I’ve never had that flavor) – Also, two grapefruits and some grapes!!

All of this, with some rice, will last me the WEEK! Total grocery haul $35.

Now, I certainly know I could’ve gotten more for that much in terms of “vegan” groceries, but I’m new to this lol.

I need more… whole foods (I laughed!), and I’ll do more research in terms of what to buy next time. A lot more experimenting with food in the future, but I’m excited to have the week of food already bought!