Dave Ramsey told me no, My hair screamed YES.

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The Dave Ramsey in me was SCREAMING “NOooo!” but when you look at this pic, I cut myself so much slack. It was long, long overdue – and (inserting valid excuses and justifications here:) my new hair will be less maintenance in the long run [;

It actually wasn’t until I had already paid and was driving home that I realized my hair was actually paid for by my Poshmark! Poshmark is an app where you can buy/sell clothes – and I have previously sold about 5 items and kept the money within the app – unsure of whether I wanted to use that money to buy new work clothes (what a cycle!) or withdraw it and use it towards debt. My hair cost about $10 + tip more than what was in my balance so I consider this a winning situation.

Plus, I mean… look at my new chocolatey hair!