Skin appreciation.

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Let me start by acknowledging my skin. I have never really had “problematic” skin; I suffered occasional and random breakouts, but not acne. What I considered flaws in my skin was from picking at the breakouts, and discoloration – both of which are self-induced (the discoloration was from scarring and possibly not wearing sunscreen).

With that said, I think my skin has made vast improvements within these last couple of weeks – and I credit that towards my diet and my skincare routine.

I have started implementing a more plant based diet – I have cut out dairy and eggs when I can, and I do not eat meat. I have started to eat more fruits, I am still massively lacking on the vegetable scope!

My water intake, which from what I gather on instagram is everyone’s clear skin holy grail – has been completely lacking as well. I was only averaging 16-30oz of water a day, but have increased it to about 64-80oz this last week.

My skin care! I have been using Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile cleansing cream, which isn’t new to my routine, and then following up with Josie Maran Argan Oils. The one I linked, isn’t the exact set I have – it was a gift from Christmas so I assume it’s probably no longer offered. The one I have, included a sample sized whipped argan oil face butter, surreal skin argan finishing balm(as well as a body butter sample but I have not tried that one out yet). I also use Charlotte Tilbury magic eye rescue eye cream.

My night routine goes as follows: I wash my face with Burt’s Bees, I use the face butter and then layer on top the 100% argan oil, with some eye cream. In the morning I wash my face with Burt’s, then use a wee bit of the finishing balm (it says to use as a primer for makeup, or layer on top of makeup for a dewy finish – but I do what I want haha!) with a layer of the 100% light oil, with all my makeup on top.

Surprisingly, I love it.

I have combination normal-oily skin and have shied away from using oils on oily skin because, that screams OILY! However, these oils have felt amazing!

I do believe I need to incorporate an SPF product – I thought my foundation contained some, but alas’ it does not. (My current foundation, which I am absolutely in love with: Urban Decay Naked Skin.)

Any spf recommendations that would seemingly go well with my current routine would be APPRECIATED!


None of these products/links are sponsored ❤