Post Weekend emotional timesuck.

I found myself in an emotionally draining time suck this weekend. As I have started to become more panicked regarding Lularoe and trying to recoup my money for the inventory I have been trying to return – I was added into a facebook group.

The drama and negativity swarmed me the moment I read my first post. 1 post turned into never ending scrolling. I was reading every post and every comment and my anxiety would rise until I peeled my eyes off my phone.

Your own problem is always the worst. You have it the hardest, because YOU’re the one going through it. Reading through these women’s posts about what they’re going through has made me realize that if I don’t recover the value of my remaining inventory – I will be okay. My house won’t get foreclosed on, I won’t have to file bankruptcy.

That was the most difficult part of this timesuck I was in. Reading accounts of people who had over $50,000 of inventory and being in a limbo and already talking to bankruptcy attorneys about their options. Sure I’m sitting on over $4,000 – but that is something I will just have to continue to work on with my debt snowball. It’ll suck, not recovering 100 or 90 or even 50% of that. But it’s manageable.

The most rampant fear and premonition found amongst all those facebook posts this weekend was that Lularoe was going to restructure their business model (from MLM to a direct retail business) in an effort to save themselves from eventually filing bankruptcy.

Regardless of what’s occurring with everything else (Patrick constantly stealing artwork for their prints – seriously, there’s a LOT of stealing going on), to the comparisons of this fb group being a KKK hate group (seriously! there’s a video lol) – I am scared for those who are banking their lives and families on this company that even before this fiasco, I felt didn’t care for their consultants.

I think I took a left turn after my first paragraph Haha. This wasn’t the topic of my post.

I have been working relentlessly to change my vibrations. The more I delved into facebook, the more I realized I needed to refocus on me and what I want to put out into the universe. Pinterest lately has been my “go to” – I was never an active user of pinterest but it has turned into my mood and vision board.

I need to meditate. I need to self care. I need to mellow out and raise my vibrations.

and then the Universe brought me this video from Isabel Palacios – IF YOU’RE GOING THROUGH HARD TIMES WATCH THIS VIDEO.