Freedom from Chase Freedom.

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img_4732I have officially paid off my first credit card! The smallest of my debts – when I started this particular debt was $471.33.

My first payment to this card since my decision to implement a budget and a debt snowball (Hello Dave Ramsey!!) was $313.00!

My due date for this card isn’t until October 5th, but I just got paid and have the rest of my bills for this month lined up and thought WHY WAIT?!

1 credit card down, the next on the chopping block: Amazon. This is actually where I find myself at a conundrum.

My Amazon due date is on the 28th, but I am only budgeted to pay the minimum payment – especially as I paid off Chase early. The money was allotted for Chase, regardless, but do I restructure my budget to make a bigger payment next week or do I just continue with how my budget is planned for the rest of the month?