12 Universal Laws

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  1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The first of the twelve Universal Laws helps us to understand that everything in this World is connected to everything else.

  1. The Law of Vibration

Everything in this Universe vibrates in its own frequency in circular patterns – “misery loves company” and “like attracts like,”  a vibrational energy will resonate with a likewise vibrational energy.

  1. The Law of Action

We must consciously engage in actions that support our vibrations; words, feelings, visions, thoughts, dreams, emotions, etc.

  1. The Law of Correspondence

Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world – what we feel and think directly corresponds to how we shape our lives.

  1. The Law of Cause and Effect

Nothing happens by chance or coincidence – every action has an equal reaction and consequence.

  1. The law of Compensation

As a further explanation to the Law of Cause and Effect – it applies to abundance and blessings that are compensation to the the vibrations and actions we take in our lives.

  1. The Law of Attraction

All thoughts, words, feeling and actions give out a specific vibrational energy which attracts a similar energy. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

  1. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

We each have a power to change a condition within our lives and transform the energy to a positive one.

  1. The Law of Relativity

Each person will receive a series of experiences and tests for the purpose to strengthen the light within the person.

  1. The Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite. We can suppress negativity by focusing on the opposite pole.

  1. The Law of Rhythm

Everything vibrates and moves to a rhythm, which has seasons, cycles and patterns. Each cycles reflects the regularity of the Universe.

  1. The Law of Gender

This law manifests as masculinity and femininity, and governs creation. Both masculinity and femininity are required for life to exist.