Raw Vegan Vibes.

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As I sat at my work desk, with my diet coke and french fries (feeling exponentially more … draggy with each bite) I decided to hop onto my friend Christine’s instagram page. She had recently gone vegan and more recently, was eating a raw vegan diet.

Her food photos would come across my page and never crossed my mind as “I think I can do that” until today.

I’m researching and overresearching, that is who I am.

I have dinner planned and my meals planned for tomorrow – so I think I will try it on Sunday. Why not?

Raw diet consists of whole foods in their natural state, although cooking can be done, nothing is cooked at a temperature higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than that depletes the food of their nutrients.

I’m sure by Saturday, I’ll have so much research completed I’ll do a comprehensive pre-review here.

In the meantime some tools I think I will order in preparation for it!

Nesco Dehydrator
5 Blade Spiralizer I have a cheap (less than $3) handheld one, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to clean and it just gets gungked up and disgusting.
Hamilton Beach Food Processor I had a lovely Ninja one – but it crapped out on me 😦
Nutritional Yeast