Soul in the Raw – Learn Raw Refresh

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In my research of “raw vegan” – I have found almost TOO much information from TOO many sources. I’d like to compile a concise list of sources and information that I personally, like and enjoy.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Marina of Soul in the Raw.

I found Soul in the Raw when I started to look into (free) raw vegan challenges. I realized, with Hello Fresh – that unless I have the ingredients and the recipes directly in front of me, I’m just a bit too lazy to go through the motions.

I have the Thug Kitchen cookbook, which I didn’t realize at the time is essentially a vegan cookbook. It is amazing, it really is – but sometimes I’m just too lazy. So I figured a “challenge” would be a great start – they usually provide all the information you need including daily recipes.

Soul in the Raw is an all encompassing blog that provides recipes; raw vegan and cooked vegan, breakfasts, drinks, main dishes, condiments etc.

Marina provides a free 10 day Learn Raw Refresh challenge – she provides a grocery list, and then as the days continue, you get an email everyday that includes that days specific recipes as well as a video!

Now, my email has 5 days of recipes that I have to honestly say, I haven’t opened. As you may know, I’m working on my debt snowball, and frankly don’t have these groceries available in my budget.

I will be starting my 10 day Learn Raw Refresh challenge on Monday, October 9. Contact me if you’d love to join in!