Thursday, October 12

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For my lunches today I packed up the baon (tagalog essentially for leftovers – not to be confused with “penetration” which is what Google decided to tell me right now LOL) from yesterday’s mock house chicken.

I contemplated calling in sick again this morning – but the thought of losing out on my daily pay to nurse my remaining headache really wore on me. Instead, I went in, terribly dressed might I add – and tried to be as productive as I could.

I found a packet of instant oats in the office pantry, so I chopped up an apple I had and added organic turmeric on top. (If you’re interested in a capsule supplement, versus dousing food in the seasoning check out Nature Made.)

Turmeric is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine, including as an aid for digestive problems, to support liver function, relieve inflammation from arthritis, and to suppress pain. (Linus Pauling Institute.)

For dinner, I roasted garbanzo beans (I had a can – just rinse, and pat dry) with some tofu and zucchini. I’ve been coming to realize that I don’t eat enough vegetables. It’s actually astounding to me… now that I’ve cut out meat, I haven’t added in vegetables. My nutrition intake is completely out of whack.

I honestly, didn’t even have plans to eat zucchini. I was on the couch and thought “Oh I have cucumbers!” and as I was slicing them, I realized.. no… no those aren’t cucumbers.

Zucchini Nutrition Benefits include: high source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and B vitamins; has anti-inflammatory properties that can improve heart health; high source of potassium; help improve digestion; can help control diabetes; and might help balance thyroid and adrenal function.

I certainly need to start adding in more leafy greens and vegetables. I have been looking into a green supplement – like Super Greens, but from all my experience being immersed in body building – supplements are to supplement the nutrition. I am however in the market for a B12 supplement if anyone has a recommendation!

As an aside, I have started to shift my instagram focus to coincide with this blog. I’ve certainly been a bit lost with my focus here, but I feel like it’s starting to come together.

Here is the caption I left on instagram:

This page has obviously become my food diary – but I’ve been through a lot and food was always my drug. The summer before high school I dropped 20 pounds from sheer stress to a whopping 97. After my first year of college I moved in with my ex and found myself in a – I can’t even put it to words – shitty, degrading, abusive self-hating place and ballooned to upwards of 140. The self loathing was masked by the feeling of “love” that food provided. I was on and off with crash diets and overworking out for years after that. I was eventually put on #prozac for depression, anxiety and bulimia. I then got into “body building” and competing which put a whole NEW spin on any #ed I had found myself trying to recover from. But now I’m here, at the ripe old age of 30 👵🏽. Striving for health.