Month 2 Update.

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Welp, I’ve been putting off my Operation Debt Free post because Credit Karma hasn’t updated properly. According to TransUnion I’ve paid off $96 dollars from the last time I checked which was about a week and a half ago, yet I’ve made $3,000 dollars worth of debt payments!!!

F R U S T R A T I N G.

Then again, as long as I know what I’ve done, it’s all good.

I paid down $1,200 on Best Buy; which was a promotional balance with zero % interest – expiring on October 20th!! I paid off that balance in full because, who wants to get hit with another $600 dollars of interest – NOT ME.

Anywho, I’ve been budgeting accordingly and am about to pay off my second card in full – Amazon. Due date is the 28th, but I chose to pay it off on the 20th since that’s my pay day and will work better for my mental state [:

gosh this feels SO GOOD.

[Update: 10:16am]

I just recalculated my credit card debt which Credit Karma states is $22,387.

My credit card debt (I’ve deducted the Best Buy balance as if I paid it today) is: $19372!!! I’m under $20k!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Once Best Buy is cleared out, my next card is Costco – which, unbeknownst to me until the charge hit, renewed for $120 last week. A part of me wants to cancel my membership, but Ryan uses it for gas, and sometimes it’s been useful for groceries. The problem for me is that now that I am mostly plant based – there aren’t a whole lot of options for me anymore.

My Costco due date is actually before the Best Buy date so for me to make a big payment on it, I’ll have to really buckle down on my budget because that’s basically the first workday after I get paid and 2 weeks of strict living.

Those are all just mental games. If I’ve learned anything from my practice of the Law Of Attraction (which, oddly I attracted a PoshMark party the other day!); I cannot think in terms of lacking. I am abundant, and money is flowing freely ❤

I think in terms of what bills I have due for the upcoming 3 weeks after payday – what is best is to pay off half of the Costco card on the due date, and then pay off the rest the following paycheck.

[Update 10:52 am]

I just looked at my car loan – and it’s actually at $19,961.50 which means both my credit card debt and my car loans are under 20k EACH! (Disclaimer – there is a second car loan in my Credit Karma, because my name is also on my boyfriend’s car – but he pays for that car solely.)