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I imagine this will be a post that I step away from multiple times before I feel ok with the content. Mostly because, it’s a lot of self reflection which sometimes turns into deflection.


I’m guilty of spending outside of my means (hence my debt snowball), but I’m also guilty of not caring for anything outside of my desire to said object and said object at the cheapest price.

I feel, now, that I have chosen to go plant based I can see the faces of my victims. I can no longer see a leather jacket as just that – I see the animal the skin belonged to. I see the eyes of the animal in someone’s plate. I also see the millions of children starving, and the millions in poverty because of animal agriculture.

In coming to terms with going plant based and becoming more self aware – I started to research into Minimalism. One of my favorite… online presence… people (I’m not even sure how to explain it)… Influencers? Sadia Badiei of Pick Up Limes.

I originally found her on YouTube while researching vegan recipes. What I originally liked most about her, was that she has a BSc in Dietetics. I enjoyed knowing there was an education and substance behind her. Her vegan recipes led me to another topic she discusses which is minimalism.

Minimalism can be construed in a variety of forms and there will always be someone who views it a little differently than everyone else. It’s a concept that you can make your own.

Yesterday, I decided to sit down and watch Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I spent my weekend at home – as my car has been in the shop and my boyfriend and I have been sharing his. He spent the weekend away, which usually leads me to have these grand plans to clean and purge. Unlike all my previous weekends, where I end up glued to the couch, I got up and cleaned. I threw out old papers, I cleaned out half of my dresser and closet. I even got back on Facebook to clear my remaining Lularoe inventory (for dirt cheap) – which led me to really think about the consequences of my actions.

Last year, Lularoe leaders were brought on a trip to their factory in Guatemala. The photos posted were all beautiful, colorful and bright. But… isn’t Guatemala a third world country? Wouldn’t this factory, essentially be a sweat shop? Were the photos staged? Did they clear out all of the women who were forced to work 12+ hours a day for pennies on the hour? I don’t know… but one can assume.

Last night, Netflix recommended me The True Cost. A documentary about the global and socioeconomic costs of the fashion industry.


Welp. I’ve been stuck sitting here (in between working mind you!) but am unclear about where exactly I want this conversation to do. Conversation you ask? Yes.. I’m mostly talking to my own self, but am documenting it via blog post lol.

The True Cost, spoke to me more than Minimalism. It brought a human aspect to my eyes. They discuss sweatshops, and you see the countries and the people that are exploited because of fashion and fast fashion. What’s an easy time killer when you’re bored? Online shopping.

I figure this will be a ongoing theme now, minimalism in the place of consumerism because the achievements I want to make with my life and my future are built on experiences.

Just like wanting to not be a source or cause of the slaughter of animals, I do not want to be a source in the exploitation of women worldwide.

I’m finding the purpose of my blog has evolved from a journal to being a place where I hope I can help encourage even just one person – to look at the world around them in a new light.




[Featured Image photo via Red Letter Christians.]