Chef V – 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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Something has been calling on me to detox. Detox *everything*. I want to purge my room, my house, my belongings, my mental state, my body.

I’ve purged my clothes, I could probably do another 2-3 rounds of it. Somehow, every time I open my dresser/armoire, I find more stuff I didn’t see prior.

I’ve just been feeling so… I feel weighed down.

Now, I will acknowledge that a juice cleanse is not exactly what I needed, and I am not hoping for weight loss, but I think it will be a good refresh.

My juices arrive on Tuesday – I ordered through Chef V, who is local to San Diego County. (Not sponsored, but you can get 50% off a cleanse with the code “50CLEANSE” – which is exactly what I did!)

Since going plant based, my one concern has consistently been that I have not necessarily increased my consumption of vegetables. I am honestly surprised at my own resistance to it? It’s unfamiliar.

My previous dietary habits the “bro meals” I learned from body building which garnered the most results in terns of my physical changes. Animal protein, side of carbs and sometimes a half cup of vegetables – or sometimes 2 handfuls of spinach instead of carbs. To comprise a full meal of plants is still foreign.

I know in the medical community, juice cleanses are generally frowned upon. There are a lot of things that happen to the body during a cleanse – but the one thing I am looking forward to is seeing how food I eat affects me.

I suffer from IBS-C, and originally cutting animal protein out was a relief in my constipation. (TMI?) Last year, I was a vegetarian for a solid 6 months – maybe I’ll explain that story another night – and I was regular as can be! My reasons for going plant based this time around are completely the same (animal welfare), however, my body didn’t respond the same.

I am looking into some plant based cookbooks for post-cleanse – so recommendations are WELCOME!