Wellness on a Budget.

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Since I am a part of the #DebtFreeCommunity (on instagram!), I have found that sometimes it is a bit difficult to feel I could also flourish into the Wellness community as well. A plant based lifestyle with a healthy fitness routine and balancing my budget sounds like the trifecta. HIGH CARBS & HIGH VIBES.

I’m not physically fit and I lack consistency.

BUT, so what? Why should that stop me from my journey? As if fitness itself wasn’t hard enough, but doing so with a skinny wallet?! Just have to find and follow own journey.

SO… Wellness on a Budget. That’s essentially my journey right now:

Finding and documenting my way to health… while my wallets on a diet.

Step 1. Identify my fitness/health goals – although my goals now are no longer tied necessarily to numbers (goal weight or body fat) my ideal body is one that I feel GOOD in. Where I can run without stopping, climb a couple floors of stairs without my heart bursting, etc.

Step 2. Identify avenues of fitness that I enjoy and can help me attain my goals – weight lifting, running, spin classes, bootcamps, personal training, yoga, pilates

Step 3. Evaluate what is available in my budget and what is at my disposal – I pay about $55 currently for Ry and my gym memberships. I just bought a 5 package personal training/bootcamp packages (I’ve used 2 of my 5). My work building has a gym, free weights, a smith machine, spin bike, treadmills, and various other machines. YouTube hosts a wide array of free work outs that can be done in home or a gym.

Step 4. Where can Step 2 and 3 merge? – In review of my step 3, and in light of my bootcamp expenses, I will need to just cut my actual gym membership and use my work gym. I can reignite my passion for running, and also incorporate some YouTube fitness routines – specifically yoga and pilates. I can save $26ish a month.

Step 5. DO IT. lol. The hardest part!

[Edit] The New York City Marathon was this morning – the Adidas Running campaign I saw massively ignited my desire to hit the road. Unfortunately, it also ignited my passion for shopping and I bought a new pair of running shoes. I tried to justify it by posting a few more items on Poshmark for sale and telling myself “If you’re going to run, you’re going to need shoes.” Yikes.