Juice Cleanse Day 0.2

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WELP… I really should’ve seen it coming.

The moment I decide to “restrict,” is usually the moment I lose control.

Let’s regroup – a day on the Chef V Juice Cleanse consists of 4 green juices, 2 protein shakes and 1 detox soup. I drank my first 16 ounces of water before I left for work – and then drank my first 16 ounces of the greeeeeeeen drink when I got in. An hour later I drank my protein shake (it was a light cinnamony flavor!).

Then the chocolate cravings came, following very shortly by the bagel cravings.

Since my title says “Day 0.2” it might be safe to assume that I ate something I wasn’t supposed to right about then LOL. A bagel. . . a jalapeno bagel.

Delicious, although I cannot be certain it was a vegan bagel. I got it from the little bistro in my work building. Next time I’ll ask, because it’ll probably be easier for me to say no to it if I know it’s not vegan.

I am now 2 services of green drink and 1 protein shake in. Once I ate the bagel, I put away the instruction card in disbelief of my failure. I have 2 more green drinks, 1 protein shake, a soup and a LOT of water left to go.

It’s such a strange thing. Diet Culture. I’ve gone through so many diets, that now whenever I cave in – I feel like I have to ruin the rest of my day. Not only that, but I can be gungho and completely committed to a ‘diet’ (in this case a juice cleanse) but then the moment it starts (or the juices arrive) – I completely sabotage myself with all the reasons why I shouldn’t.

As I was eating the bagel, I had the audacity to just tell myself “well, just use the green drinks as you’re jumpstart to more veggies.” I mean, I am massively lacking in the vegetable portion of my daily consumption, so instead of using this as a cleanse – I can just use this as an addition to my daily meals.

The reason for the word audacity is that I spent a big chunk of my budget on this, and now I won’t even be using it for it’s intended purpose.

Wellness on a Budget tip: Don’t invest into the quick fixes.

I think I’ll make a cauliflower rice and baked bbq tofu for dinner, with a detox soup on the side.