The 13th Universal Law – MURPHY’S

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There are 12 Universal Laws. I think I very briefly and probably really terribly jotted them down a few months. The most recognized on social media is the Law Of Attraction.

Now, the law of attraction might have brought about the 13th law but for the purposes of my blog – I’ll go ahead and deem the 13th Universal Law to be Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law is that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Earlier this year, while dealing with the death of an old friend – I sat in my car, in the pouring rain crying. Suddenly, this LOUD bang occurred. As if someone fell out of a four story window and landed on my car. Only it wasn’t a someone, but a something. A piece of the bark of a palm tree. It dented the roof of my car, and only missed my windshield and my moon roof by mere centimeters.

A few weeks ago, while driving – a fairly large rock flung off a truck and crashed into my windshield. Crashed seems a bit overdramatic, with the exception that the site started as big as a dime and within minutes cracked across half of my windshield.

I finally took my car in to get repaired, and it was at the shop for 17 days.

While it was there, I borrowed Ry’s car or carpooled with my parents. One day, the day I thought I was going to get my car back from the shop (after the second time I heard “It’ll be done by the end of the week”) Ry gets ready for work to find his car won’t turn on.

New engine expense – not budgeted.
$250 deductible – not budgeted. (Geico originally said my deductible was covered and that I was good to go get my car fixed, then I went to pick up my car and they said “no you owe us your deductible.” Geico later apologized and said “that was a miscommunication on our part. You don’t pay us, you pay the shop.”)
$350 car payment – for a car I only had in my possession for half of the month – budgeted but it hurts lol.

Smells like I don’t have a debt snowball payment this month. I need to fill my emergency fund back up. This was a bad month for my budget.