A lunch date with a hint of synchronicity…

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This Sunday, beau and I went to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach (so boring!) and then to Glendale for a holiday stroll and lunch.

We ate at Umami Burger, and boy oh boy! The term “umami” is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) and. . . it was certainly umami.

I had a Falafel burger – although it’s safe to say it wasn’t vegan, as tzatziki sauce is usually made with yogurt (sad face! I didn’t even bother to ask and I felt terrible about it!), and beau had the Impossible burger – made with plant based meat! I was so surprised and proud he got it, even though he said it was just “ok” and that he could tell it wasn’t real meat. One meal makes a difference!

The fries are topped with a truffle sauce, which I’m not sure was vegan either.

In the world of plant based – I did an okay job (worlds okayest vegan over here!). I should have asked more questions, but I know how much it bugs him to make a fuss.

Umami Burger lunch date

The Falafel Burger

Now… with all of that said, I truly believe the Universe supports me.

After we ate lunch, we took a walk and ended up coming across a stall with a banner that said The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats. They had a table set up with candles, and body butters. Right next to the table, which I had somehow originally overlooked was a pen with a goat and a piggie!!

Her name was Natalie Porkman.

The pig aptly named Natalie Porkman

I know sometimes I consume dairy, and sometimes I don’t ask the right questions when I choose to eat out – but I really am trying my best. I believe the encounter with the Sanctuary is a synchronicity, and that the Universe understands that and supports me.

The Sancutary at Soledad

I bought a homemade vegan coconut wax candle in the scent “White Christmas” with a body butter (that feels AMAZING!) in plumeria, lavendar vanilla to show my support for them.

Twas such a day!