Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

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Welp… week 2 was almost just as bad as week 1.

I’m not even sure I made a post about week 1 – because I did not do a single run! Haha. Yikes.

The Nike Run Club app has a coaching option, where you insert your current levels and it tailors an plan for you. Since I am very far out from reaching a marathon length run, I chose a 4 week plan to get me back into the groove of it all.

It’s currently averaging me about 3 runs a week, and I’m struggling with the dark and the cold to actually get out there.

This week however, I did do 2 runs, but one of them (2.5 miles) was not a part of my plan so I chose to not annotate it as a designated run.

And a disclaimer for my pace – I run with my dog who has a tendency to stop at a moments notice to smell things haha. For this 4-week plan, I decided that pace and speed was not something I wanted to worry on, so I’ve been happily bringing Banner with me.

One my marathon training actually picks up – I’ll have to leave my dog at home.