Another week of vegan eating – recap!

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Don’t eat my friends!

As Thanksgiving was this past weekend, I tried to plan accordingly. I knew I was going to be going to at least 2 homes for meals, and I knew that “vegan” options were slim to none. My friend and her family own a thai restaurant here in San Diego – Thai Time North Park, so I asked her to prepare for me a platter of tofu pad thai. I’m not well versed in the ingredients but she asked me if I needed it ‘vegan’ to which, I said yes lol.

I ended up with a huge platter (it normally feeds 8-10 people!) and I didn’t bring it with me to share with anyone Haha. I literally just portioned out myself some meals and brought my solo meal with me. I ate an entire platter of pad thai over the course of 5 days. That is heaven.

Friday, I spent at home – I didn’t go shopping (well, I did go to Target in the evening to pick up some water and snacks) and just vegged out on the couch watching mindless tv. Saturday, Ry and I went out to Chuckwalla for his day at the motorcycle track.

Another place I knew that eating vegan would be a bit of a challenge. There is a snackbar at the track – but they serve hotdogs and burgers, and the food places to eat on the drive – are generally not vegan friendly either.

So my idea? Buy vegan burgers!! Grocery Outlet – my go to now for vegan meat! Pictured is a pea and brown rice protein burger patty, with a bun (no egg, or milk) and guacamole.

I ate 3 of them within like an hour lol.

Coming back from the track, one generally feels rather exhausted and sluggish.

Insert Acai Bowl!!

Grocery Outlet also had acai packets (4 per bag for $3.99) so I scooped those bad boys up with my burger patties. Acai, frozen banana, organic unsweetened almond milk topped with cacao nibs, goji berries and hemp seeds.


Lastly – on Monday (I guess that’s a different week but shrugs) I had nothing to eat because I was too tired and lazy on Sunday to prep. I walked a couple blocks to a place called Veggielish. I didn’t realize they close early (3:30 on weekdays) and I walked in around 3:15pm. Luckily, the woman said I would be the last customer and she filled my plate up!!

Quinoa, black beans, tofu with carrots, zucchini, broccoli, and sweet potatoes topped with a curry type sauce.