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Historically for my birthday, I never do anything. Dinner with the family sure, but I never have a party or celebrate. Or, I haven’t in what seems like 10 years. I’m not sure what it is about birthdays, most of the time I guess I don’t feel like I deserve the celebration.

This year, I wanted to commemorate in a way that was… special. The most special thing I could think of for this birthday was to go to a farm! A farm animal rescue type farm – not a … farm farm. (Hello, Vegan!)

I cannot really express what it felt like being there. I went vegan, for the animals. I disagree wholeheartedly with the abuse and slaughter, but I also disagree with the idea/believe/concept that animals were created to serve humans. #speciesism.

On Sunday, were introduced to rescued farm animals who helped shine a new light onto the vegan lifestyle (for myself), but also hopefully, create a connection for my boyfriend, my brother-in-law and my niece – that these animals on their plates… deserve to be cared for, loved and to live.

This sleeping beauty is Firecracker, he is a Yorkshire/ Duroc pig. He was so full of energy and personality. He ran towards us the second he saw the lettuce in our hands and eventually just relaxed and laid down next to us.

This is baby India (an “angus” cow) who loves lettuce, apples and watermelons. The dark shadow in the back is her momma, also named India. Cows, I learned, do not have top teeth (therefore they do not bite). India used her tongue to sort of swirl around the food to pull it in. Mama India in the back, has had many many litters (all of whom were taken from her) and was a bit more apprehensive with us around. She allowed us to pet her babies, and her but she kept her eyes on us… just in case.

Baby India and I were in the pasture – I was scratching her shoulders and whenever I stopped, she came closer. Even to the point she nudged me in the butt when I turned around to look at her mama! Silly girl.

My niece and I are feeding romaine to Thor and Rudy, two pot bellied pigs who know commands like sit!

Thor, upclose, who I think should’ve been named Elvis.

My niece feeding the 3 pigs. The middle one is Firecracker, one of the siblings is Diamond and I feel so terrible I don’t remember the other babies name. These babies can demolish pumpkins and it is both terrifying, exhilarating and all around GENTLE.


And my featured photo – is Grace, a baby saved from the dairy industry because she was born with a hernia and was what they deemed useless.

There was also a baby named Chance, Alice and Jake – all of whom I don’t have a decent photo of. But I will definitely be back, and much more prepared. IE.. with boxes of lettuce and watermelons!

I would like to extend a huge huge thank you to Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, California for allowing us to visit.

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