Chicago Marathon 2018 application…

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Since my last post. . . I couldn’t muster up any creative ideas for anything (instagram or blog related).

I haven’t gone to the gym, I haven’t really eaten anything worth while – and when I did, I had no desire to capture a photo of it.

As the days went on, I started to put thought into the new year. Obviously, I will continue my debt free journey and will pay off all of my credit cards and my personal/student loans. (I will probably still have a car loan.) I also decided that in 2018 I am going to apply and get accepted to a CSU – Fullerton, East Bay or San Diego; as they each have an online Bachelor’s in Business program. One of my other 2018 goals was to run my first full marathon.

Which brings me here.

On November 15, I sent in an application for the Chicago Marathon lottery.

Application ✔️ Now the countdown… 27 days!

I told myself “I don’t run now, but I will be ready by then.” I told myself that the training would come regardless – and although it’s been difficult and I have my excuses, this was going to be a goal I accomplished.

(Note: All of my goals, were not spoken in a passive tense.
I chose the words “will” not “want”.)

& now . . . the 27th day has arrived.

Chicago Marathon 2018

& the Law of Attraction has proven itself, yet again ❤