NolaSkinsentials – Week 1 Skin update!

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I think technically, I’m a day early.. but when I was getting ready this morning I couldn’t help but appreciate how my face looked. I had to take a few snaps to upload to my instagramstories.

Step 1: Clean ya face! The glycolic cleanser – the screw top makes the liquid a foam. It’s light and not overpowering. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling ‘overly clean’, or dry.

Step 2: Witches Brew Toner – it says to not use more than 2 sprays, but I have to admit that I sometimes spray anywhere from 2ย  – 5 depending on if I feel like I got my entire face map covered Haha. Sometimes I spray too close and it only gets on a localized area.

Step 3: Vitamin C serum – I don’t want to say I’m skeptical if it works, but I also can’t doubt it works. I don’t have any HUGE areas of discoloration – my one real concern are my dark under eye circles, to which this wouldn’t exactly help. It smells good though!

Step 4: My moisturizer (at night, this is replaced with the night cream). It feels silky, not overly ‘wet’ and I don’t feel greasy at all. I put my foundation on over this, once I give it a few minutes to soak in and matten up.

Step 5: My face! img_7151

(Please note: I put a black and white filter overlay onto each photo (it gave me the black background) – and then I “erased” the filter on my skin/products to bring it to it’s natural state and color. Other than that – no filter was used.)


I feel like my skin is more even, it’s brighter, it’s radiating.

I also acknowledge that my diet and water intake also plays a huge role in skincare health.