Finishing the month (slow) but strong…

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So far, I’ve only clocked in 5 runs this month. This is certainly not the way to cruise across a marathon finish line LOL. Not that I ever want to just “cruise” across that finish line, but I know how much easier it will be if I could get myself to train properly.

I keep giving into excuses and just brushing myself off as lazy – but I’m learning… how do I say this…

I have learned to try to change the mindset …

of “lazy” to “unmotivated”

Lazy seems like a terrible character flaw. Sometimes one can be lazy – but it can be attributed to ‘stressed’ and ‘overworked’. Being lazy seems like just a terrible waste of human possibility.

Unmotivated – just means there’s a lack in force.

I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but the wheels in my brain and churning.

Since my last running post last week, “Only my second run this month? Yep.” I have clocked in 3 more runs! That’s a (low standard) for an impressive buildup Haha.


1.51 treadmill miles (let. me. tell. you. it took that first 1/2 mile to finally find a groove and get my head out of the complaints).

1.52 nighttime miles with Banner – the night I realized I am no longer a night runner. It was cold, my ears hurt, we almost got ran over by a truck, there were some sketchy looking people sitting on sidewalks blending in with bushes.. just not a good run vibe.

Another edition of 5k Sundays (1 week from that last run post)! 3.28 miles at 45 minutes with Ry and Banner and it wasย lovely. Running with them helped keep me moving, whenever I wanted to walk they were there to keep me pushing. It was very warm, but such a fun bonding experience.

NOW… yesterday, I had theย ganas to run but I was not going to run outside in the dark again so I tried something new. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide – via the Sweat app.

You get a free 7 day trial, and then it bills at $19.99 a month after that. I was going to go that route, and then saw that if you do a year subscription it’s only $9.99. I thought to myself “I can commit to 28 minutes a day” so I chose to just pick the Year Subscription.

Only to naively be surprised when my card was billed $119.99 for the entire year in one payment. Haha. Shit.

Ah! If you’ve never heard of “BBG” as it floods instagram – You essentially do a series of 4 exercises for 7 minutes (as many rounds as you can completely) followed by a 30 second break for a grand total of 4 Rounds.

So . . . I completely underestimated either the workout, my ability or both.

It was sort of brutal, but it felt amazing.