New Year… New… (goals & resolutions)

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December is seemingly a difficult month for me. I’ve never really noticed this before. In an attempt to be more conscious and aware of myself, I’ve been focusing a lot on my moods and started to put the pieces together.

Why is December so hard for me? Aside from my birthday, the stress of the holiday season and then the end of the year all lead me to that “I am here” reflection.

So here I am.

Towards the end of Summer, I started to really be mindful of what I was consuming – visually and audibly. What I watched on tv, what I read on the internet, what I said to myself, what I listened to during the day. A lot less fitspo instagram, and a lot more self growth and improvement youtubes or podcasts.

I started practicing using the Law of Attraction – not necessarily to attract things/people/events but vibes and positivity.

My goals and resolutions for 2017 are on a white (pink) board in my room. I should take a photo of it -it’s sort of hidden. I know there are things like “smile more. laugh often. reduce your footprint. consume less.” All of those, still hold true for 2018, as resolutions.

I’ve shifted my “New Year, New Me” mindset. My resolutions are continual improvements – be more mindful of my negative self talk, feed less into internet drama, consume less, be more green, vegan lifestyle – etc.

My 2018 goals are plans, and things that I can be held accountable for. Run my first full marathon (October) and possibly Boston Qualify? Get my social media marketing certificate. Apply to a 4-year University (I’m 31 with no Bachelor’s). Get a raise at work. Build my social media and blog following. Pay off all my credit card debt.

Notice what isn’t on my list? For once. In as long as I can remember. “Lose Weight”.