Countdown to OC Half Marathon – 17 Weeks

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All of the running articles and blogs I have come across share a similar piece of advice

Run a race before your race.

In 39 weeks (from Sunday), I run the Chicago Marathon. My first full marathon. Trust me when I say, I’m going to take and heed every piece of advice possible.

With the full marathon in October, I plan on running a half marathon in late August to test my pacing. (Totally newb, but as I do more research I’ll have more factual information for you all Haha.)

In researching half marathons, I came across the OC Marathon (also, half) in May and thought “this one looks good!”

Not only that, but I felt it was a good strategy. A race earlier in the year gives me something to train for starting now. In 17 weeks I’ll run my first half marathon of the year, taper off for a couple of weeks and then restart again for my marathon training.

Now to find a training program! Google and instagram can lead me to thousands of roads to thousands of places, just going to have to filter through and find someone to trust.

Any advice or suggestion is highly appreciated.