My farthest run yet.. and it’s not enough

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I decided to invest in some running shorts, as I only have 2 pairs and like a dozen plus of compression training shorts – which are not comfortable to run in. They’re too tight, they ride up, they’re also not really flattering haha.

I hopped on Lululemon’s we made too much tab, and decided I’ll finally purchase the ones I had been eyeing for weeks: Miles Ahead shorts. Except, they were sold out in my size.


So I scoured the entire tab about 3 times through before I decided on 2 pairs: hotty hot II and motionful. I was still, a bit disappointed, so I found them on Poshmark and for the same sale price so I scooped those babies up.

They arrived on Saturday, after an almost full day of being a complete lazy potato.

They were beautiful and darnit I needed to break those babies in.

Laced up my (also new, Sorry Dave Ramsey) running shoes – a full appreciation post will be coming this week once I take some photos worthy of the shoes, put on my new shorts, grabbed my doggo and we were off!

4.04 miles – at a whopping 52 minutes. I tell myself over and over, I could shave off probably 2 minutes from my pace if I run solo – plus another couple of minutes total time.

Banner, like most dogs, gets distracted by smells and other things around him. There are a couple of houses/blocks I know we need to walk by because he’s easily triggered by the dogs that live there.

Running without him though, is almost… uninspiring.

Once we get into a stride, he looks so happy & once we get back home, there’s just a sense of appreciation and bonding.

I have 2 runs scheduled this coming week – next Sunday my goal is to run 5.5 miles, which will probably have to be without Banner. I’m not sure if I should run him that far without having a water bowl with me?