Getting honest about my gut health.

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For as long as I can remember – yes, even in elementary school – I have had a problem with constipation.

I just cringed and got all red, but it’s the uncomfortable talks that need to be spoken.

I can remember in the 3rd grade, I had a gut. Not that I was in any shape “out of shape” for my age, I was a string bean. I was a small little person, with a big belly.

That big buddha (I’m fighting the urge to type Buddha, but I feel like this is a very improper use of his name and I don’t want to disrespect him in that manner) belly, has never gone away. Even when I was at my absolute most fit and most in shape, or even when I was at my smallest – bulimic with an absolute raging anxiety problem weighing in at a whopping 93 pounds. I had a buddha belly.

I learned how to suck it in 100% of the time – which led to immense core strength Haha – but I just masked the problem. Well, I denied the problem, and then I learned to mask the problem.

Here I am – I have a gut health problem. I am constipated 6/7 days a week. I am bloated EVERY second of every day. I also feel lethargic, I am run down, I am still battling anxiety but it comes in weird waves now. My triggers are different.

I am using this blog to share my explorations into a  vegan and fitness lifestyle and I realized – I need to be honest about my health and wellness.

I have been coming across articles that link gut bacteria to anxiety, and I know a lot of plant based research is built on improving overall health – I want to explore and document my own journey.

I will create a new page and category so all of my subsequent related posts can be found there. Starting with this one.

Here is an article I skimmed a few months ago but now read with a keener eye and mind: How Gut Bacteria May Affect Anxiety – Science News

Some of the resources I plan to use (since I cannot afford a holistic health practitioner at the moment):

Those are listed in no particular order, however I did order the Mind-Gut Connection first.

If you have any experience and want to share – please leave me a comment!