Ayurveda – Dosha

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In Ayurveda, a dosha is “bodily bio-element”. What? Exactly.

The concept of Ayurveda is that there is a balance of body, mind and mental connection. A dosha is essentially an energy that exists in regards to those elements.

There are 3 Doshas that make up a person – one can be completely one dosha, or a mixture of all three.

Pitta: fiery and intense
Vata: delicate
Kapha: content

I took a quiz on the Chopra website that describe my Dosha type as: tri-doshic or three-dosha.

Dosha type.jpg

I am mostly Kapha with an equal part Pitta and Vata. In learning your dosha, and with experience, one will be able to recognize when an imbalance arises and what needs to be done to restore it.