OC Half Marathon – Week 17 Recap

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17 weeks out from last Sunday – run count: 1. Well.. technically 0. Yikes.

I find myself saying yikes a lot, almost like this is the theme of my training. That is absolutely not what I want to put into this universe.

Is there validity to me – sharing my experiences and journey when I can’t even keep myself accountable?

I struggle a lot, and I know I am not the only one who does so. My hope is that, if you are in a similar space – you see that I will always get back up, and so can you.

I will consider this run (technically, I started 0.22 on the wrong watch app so it was ) so a 4.16ish run – on Sunday… but I’ll just leave that as week 17.

My training plan is essentially 3 runs a week – with the new weeks starting on Mondays.

I’m considering Mondays and Wednesdays for mid-week runs, treadmill runs, tempo runs, sprints, etc. Fridays and Saturdays are for recovery – yoga and stretching and then Sundays will be my long runs.

I have been reading Shut Up And Run by Robin Arzon, and there was a tidbit that said to increase your long runs by 10% increments. Last week, I ran 4.04 so this weekend I was supposed to log in 4.44 but I didn’t properly map my run prior.

My baseline from now until the OC Half will start at 4.16.

1 week down, 16 to go!