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Beachbody, if you didn’t already know, is what I consider the pioneer of home workouts. There were many before Beachbody; Jane Fonda, Suzanne Summers, Gilad! Haha He was the one my mom used to follow, but I think Beachbody has managed to stay the course.

The first time I heard of Beachbody was because P90x and Insanity were HUGE. HUGE! Everyone I knew was doing one of those two programs and I had never even heard of it before!

947259_10100647931402316_549494088_n.jpgI remember going to an event dinner with my friends – Diner en Blanc – where we had to provide our own chairs, food and table decorations Hahahaha. The fanciest shit always gives you the least. One of my girlfriends (the one in the white hat) was carrying chairs back to the shuttle bus, and I saw her ARMS. They were strong and defined. P90x.


I’ve been doing BBG (Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide; consisting of 28 minute hiit workouts) on a slightly regular basis (IE. 3 days a week) and was not following any sort of nutritional guideline (I  am not mentally strong enough still to follow a protocol so I have no plans to follow a nutritional guide yet) and just didn’t feel as good as I wanted to. Why?

I wasn’t doing enough. I spent years weight lifting in the gym, free weights, barbells, machines, I enjoyed testing my strength. BBG is hard – I am winded and my body doesn’t feel like I can get through even just 28 minutes. It’s just not the same kind of hard.

I have lost any and all motivation to go to a traditional gym. There’s no connection for me anymore, which makes me sad, and I think it will eventually come back but until then, I need something else.

Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession.

I sort of just jumped right into it. Late last week, I was on Instagram and came across a photo on my explore page (of a woman who *small world* I knew at one point a long long time ago through a *small world* mutual friend)


Her instagram stories were of her killing an at home workout while being 6 months pregnant and mentioned what program she was doing: 80 day obsession.

Interest peaked.

I started looking into it – it was an 80 day program hosted by Beach Body created by Autumn Calabrese. I had no idea who she was, but when I looked up the program I thought “well she’s cute!”

Let’s get into the program: 80 Day Obsession can be found on Beachbody On Demand (essentially, it’s like Netflix for every workout and program BeachBody has ever put out all in the convenience of one website – no more DVD’s!):

Lift your butt, sculpt your core, and get an incredible total body transformation with 80 unique “real-time” workouts and a Timed-Nutrition Eating Plan.

The program challenge cost me about $180 and consisted of: Beachbody On Demand ($99 for a year), 30 day supply of Shakeology meal replacement shakes (I didn’t really want it, but there was no option to not get it), workout accessories like resistance bands and foot sliders and then the “21 Day Fix” food containers (which I also didn’t want because I prefer to use my glass pyrex containers – I’ll make another blog post about these when they come in on Saturday!). Note: what you do not get [but you will need] are dumbbells and a yoga or padded mat.

I essentially justified my spending as being reasonable because I wanted access to the on demand and my resistance bands are nowhere to be found. Shakeology – I didn’t want, and the containers – I didn’t want but I know my sister at one point wanted to do the 21 day fix and I might just gift them to her. So I broke it down really as $180 divided by 12 = $15 a month. I already have the date penciled in to cancel the Shakeology recurring fee ($120 I think a month!).

It is very well possible to jump in to this program or whatever program of your choice whenever you want to and start at Day 1 – but I chose to follow along with the actual program that launched on January 15 even though I was one day behind; so I’m on day 3 when everyone else is on day 4.

The workouts thus far:

Day 1: Total Body Core

Disclaimer – I didn’t have resistance bands
If I did, I would probably feel differently.

80 Day Obsession - Total Body CoreThe workout was Ok. There was only one round where I felt really challenged by it – and it included a chest press, I *never* train chest lol. I do think, however, for a Day 1 it was a good start. I’m positive the workouts will get more challenging as the days go by, so I’m intrigued by Day 1. Calorie Burn: 250

(side note, I don’t know if I like Autumn. Hahaha. I’m sure others feel the same and differently. Her on screen personality, her conversation… I find myself sometimes side-eyeing her.)

Day 2: Booty

Disclaimer – I found 1 “heavy” resistance band
and used it the entire workout

Now this was a nice burn! Pleasantly surprised because I have one butt-cheek that doesn’t fire. (Essentially, when I do an exercise like a squat – one butt cheek will squeeze and burn but the other doesn’t really react. So at a gym, I have to work my lower body unilaterally – one legged everything.) I think with the addition of the resistance band a lot of the usual exercises I would do, felt very different. Calorie Burn: 280

I’m still not sore, except my chest haha, but I feel good.

I know in the beginning, endorphins are high and it’s so easy to think “this will be a peace of cake” and that you’ll totally sail through to the end.

I’m only on Day 3 (which I’m skipping so I can log in some running miles) but I think there might be some magic to this.

If you are interested in the 80 Day Obsession or anything else Beachbody related – please consider reaching out to Camilla!

[EDIT: I totally forgot to include: camaraderie. With a subscription through BeachBodyOnDemand and any challenge pack (like that one I joined) you get a community. It’s always really important to choose your coach/trainer/mentor/whoever wisely because they are there to literally guide you and you teach. With my challenge, I was told there was an app called MyChallenge – where everyone on the “team” or tribe who was doing the challenge could all post. You can communicate with other people on the same or similar journey regardless of it being a HOME workout. You’re not alone. I think that’s where the magic lies.]


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