80Day Obsession – Week 1 Recap

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I’m going to start here: Week 1 was my “test run”. Ha. I can sense the eye-rolls. If I had more than 2 eyes, they’d all be eye-rolling too.

I started on Tuesday, only one day behind the actual challenge but didn’t bother meal prepping. I was going to just do the workouts, but stay the course I was already on. After this week though… I want to push myself.

The workouts were hard! Heck, there were 2 workouts I didn’t even finish. I cheated myself out of them. I did 1/3 of the Cardio Flow – and then felt disappointed in myself so I tried the Cardio Core (which I hadn’t done during the week) and only made it through half.

I remember on Leg Day – I had eaten a (vegan) California Burrito prior and ended up throwing up right after the workout.

You cannot outwork a bad diet and that’s okay.

I gave myself a lot of reasons and excuses to say that I would be okay. I didn’t need to outwork a bad diet. Except, I know I won’t reach my goals if I continue to eat without restraints.

Do I have a dream body? Of course. Do I have a goal weight? Yes. I’m sort of upset that I do, but I don’t feel good in my body. I don’t feel good in my skin. My body feels sluggish and I know I am capable of feeling and being my best. My goal is a lot more realistic than some of my other unmet goal weights. Like.. 10 pounds heavier than previous goals. So Can I meet them? Absolutely.

But not if I only give myself 50-75%.

“My containers haven’t arrived yet.” “My accessories aren’t in yet.” “I don’t have the discipline to follow a meal prep.” “I want to be balanced.”

Excuses are self limiting beliefs.

Excuses are my bread and butter.

I don’t have my containers yet? I will make a note of what the measurements are, and prep with what I have. I don’t have my accessories yet? I can use socks on my hardwood floors.

I’m really unsure why I have such a strong resistance to giving something my complete focus. I don’t feel like I am afraid of failure, but previous experiences seem to show that instead of “failing”, I just give up on myself.

Maybe I’m afraid of realizing my power.

I am powerful. I am powerful. I am powerful.

Week 2 – I am going to give it my 100% and will not be afraid.

Measurements in inches

  • Chest: 35 inches
  • Arms: Left – 10.5, Right – 11
  • Waist: (Around the belly button) 30
  • Hips: 37.75
  • Thighs: Left – 21.25, Right – 22.75

Yep, my right is significantly larger than my left – which is because of my uneven hips (story for another time perhaps)

I will retake a progress photo tomorrow morning. No sucking in. No angles. No lighting. True and Raw.

Not that I will envy anyone or their results, I will use this photo of Katrina (she’s an original cast member and the one I watch during the workouts) as a reminder of the possibility of change.

Katrina Rosita