Cupping Therapy – Eastern medicine

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Yesterday, I decided I needed to take care of my body. With the influx of a new training program – that I have consistently followed through thus far and plan to continue on – I need to start focusing on recovery.

I have uneven hips – I have mentioned that previously, and I have also mentioned that it causes a whole array of other ailments because (as I continue to remind myself) the body is all connected. 

My right butt cheek does not fire – I get pressure in my right knee – my right side body is hunched and the muscles in my back have to compensate for it.

My left leg is longer – my left foot supinates to account for it.

The body is all connected. I went to visit Dr. April Hoffman, we used to be on the same bodybuilding competition team, but at different times so we never met. She is a Dr of Physical Therapy and her office was only 2 blocks from mine!

She started with a body assessment (I used to see someone about ART – Active Release Therapy but he never did an assessment and only treated areas that I felt specific pain) and made notes and mentions about things she could see that I couldn’t. For example, when I squat down – I am aware that my knees cave in, but she mentioned that a side of my hip also rises as it has to account for the imbalance. She noted that I lacked certain mobility that I chalked up to being “sore” except.. I wasn’t actually sore?

She catered her treatments to what she noted where significant problem areas – my right glute, my left ankle and calf and my right side body. We started with mobility stretching and then a softer version of ART (trust me, ART is incredibly painful. Think of the pressure of an elbow deep into your muscle while your body makes repetitive motions) and then cupping.

I was not sure what to expect from cupping, aside from the circular bruises I’ve seen on instagram photos. It was .. different lol. It was uncomfortable and painful but only because the sensation was new.

The premise of cupping, is that it suctions the skin in very specific spots in an effort to increase blood flow.

Aftermath? I am bruised lol.

It’s been a day – but I feel a little relief. I left with some exercises I need to do on a weekly basis in an effort to strengthen my glute and stretch out my side, which I will do tonight after my Day 8 workout.

I did choose to skip my workout yesterday, because the body just suffered through an hour+ of trauma lol.

I cannot wait to see how my body reacts to me actually treating it the way it’s supposed to!

I do plan to continue seeing Dr. April (she is 9 months pregnant so I’m unsure how often I can but we will work it out) and learning more about recovery methods.