To divulge about the absurdities of Lularoe – or move forward?

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Now, a lot of the days I feel like I should keep sharing about Lularoe – it’s my number one referral to my blog. Practically every other day, I get visitors here because they did a search about Lularoe.

A lot of the time – I just want to move forward and get passed it and never EVER mutter the word “lularoe.”

The other part of the time – gets sucked into the drama of it all.

Drama like – the National Down Syndrome Society cutting ties with the company because Lularoe stood behind One singular problematic man versus the entire GOOD the NDSS does. Seriously? You chose the profit you make from a man, who on a live video – MOCKED people with disabilities and then POSTED IT on youtube? (And then of course, Lularoe claims that it was them who cut ties but you gotta save face somehow right?)

[[ disclaimer – I shared that tidbit, because it’s all public and can be found on Buzzfeed or the NDSS facebook page. ]]

There are other instances of complete disregard for their “consultants” and ex-consultants – in terms of cancelling your contract, leaving the business,ย taxes, but I just am at a crossroads whether any of that is really worth sharing.

I think I want to move on.