Debt Journey – Words of Advice

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Don’t spend money you don’t have.

It sounds like the most basic, obvious and common sense statement. Except, the moment I saw my Federal Tax Return as a pending transaction in my bank statement there was this moment of relief.

I had every dollar currently in my account and I had every dollar in my upcoming tax returns planned and allocated for my debt payments. My federal tax refund was going to pay off a student loan and 2.5 credit cards. My state tax refund is going to my sinking funds for hotel accommodations and flights for Vancouver and Chicago later this year.

The pending transaction led me to spend a bit more freely – my groceries, dog foods, windshield wipers.

Except, the transaction is still pending in my account and there are still 3 debt payments to be made this week, regardless of how much money isย actually in my account.

That relief – has turned to tummy churning anxiety.