Soy – the delicious, the bad and the painful.

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Honestly, I’ve been putting off writing about soy because – well I guess I just didn’t want to face the truth. Soy is hurting me.

I was forced to face the reality of it this week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- I consumed various sources of soy (tofu, edamame noodles, veggie patties) and I just got hit with inconsolable feeling in my gut. Inflammation and mucus build up, massively bloating – I thought the skin on my stomach was going to be ripe with stretch marks and it was PAINFUL. Not “cramps” painful, it wasn’t sharp or even a dull pain. The pain was just like I had a basketball in my gut.

The culprit has to be soy.

I posted on instagram this morning – finally coming to terms with this feeling:

I don’t selfie nearly as much anymore cause.. we’ll look at the brows & my hair is in desperate need of a touch up 🙇🏻‍♀️ Mostly though, I don’t feel well. Ever. I haven’t felt well in…. months? Whatever the reasons were before, I’m unsure if they’re the different or if they’re the same and have just grown and multiplied to the point I can no longer ignore them. I’m starting to feel like a stranger in my own body. And not for aesthetic or vanity reasons. My organs, the blood streaming through – they don’t feel like mine anymore.

This morning, I called to make a doctor appointment.. except she’s booked out until March. sad face. I then searched on Health Professionals for help.

My Requirements: Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist, LEAP certified, and experience with digestive issues, IBS, Vegan and Weight Management.

This led me to a woman who I contacted today to make an appointment for a consultation. Until then, I will read my book The Mind-Gut Connection, eat more plants, take my probiotics and try to workout, not stress and drink water.

Over the course of these past couple of days I’ve tried to research soy, here are the most intriguing things I’ve found in relation to myself.