Sayonara USD Loan!!

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In 2015, I took out a personal loan to cover the cost of my program tuition at the University of San Diego. $6,000 – and it didn’t cover the entire cost. Ha!

February 2018 – this loan was Paid In Full!

In 2017, my original bank this loan was funded through merged into another bank and my subsequent 3 months of payments were in disarray. My payments were originally set for auto-pay and I had direct deposit to my account. When the banks merged, my direct deposits weren’t going through and my autopay was no longer set up. I didn’t realize I had not paid my account but, neither did my new bank Ha. My new bank also did not have a “minimum payment” anymore!

Oh and what’s WORSE – my online bank nor my mobile app showed INTEREST. I had to physically call the bank to see what my interest was on the account and my interest accrual.

Such a mess.