Gut Health + Depression = Hypothyroidism?

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This week has been incredibly trying.

There has been a lot of trying, very little doing, and even less little feeling.

I went to the Doctor last week, as an ‘establishing care’ appointment. We discussed my medical history, and what has been happening lately (IBS, Gut Health, aches and pains, etc) so that if I *did* want to see the doctor for something, they could then serve me.

We discussed much more than I thought we would initially. It was like, once she started asking questions, I noticed there was more going on than I was aware of. My body aches when I sleep. I knew when I wake up, my feet felt a little sore when I first stand up – but actually, my body aches throughout the night. I wake up in the middle of night because I stretch out and my body gets a cramp somewhere. I’m chronically cold. I drive with a blanket on, I cannot work without my space heater. I’m always in a million layers regardless of the temperature.

My depression has been very active lately. In fact, I asked for medication.

She requested that I do a blood panel – she thinks I have an underactive thyroid (oddly named, hypothyroid). It makes sense.

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid include: fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, weight gain, muscle weakness, muscle aches, stiffness of joints, irregular menstrual periods, depression, etc.

The Thyroid – is a gland that produces thyroid hormones which primarily influence the metabolic rate (metabolism) and protein synthesis. The gland is located at the base of the throat/neck below the adam’s apple. The hormones are “triiodothyronine” (T3) and “thyroxine” (T4). The hormonal secretion is regulated by another hormone found in the pituitary gland which is produced by the hypothalamus. (I’m not quite sure what that all means, but the words flashed me back to high school biology!)

Essentially, an underactive thyroid means the thyroid isn’t producing any or nearly enough of either or both of those hormones.

If I do, have an underactive thyroid – would it mean that all my symptoms lately are due to this? My IBS that I linked to Gut Health, my depression that I linked to Gut Health – is all actually linked to my thyroid?

I won’t know until I take my blood panel, so I’m going to try to do it tomorrow morning. I need to fast for 12 hours prior; I had Jury Duty yesterday and had to drop my parents off to the airport today so Tomorrow will be the day.


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