Total Money Makeover – Month … 6???!!!

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so I’m unsure what happened to Month 5 – well, except I know I posted I was a Debt Free Fraud.. ha?

Anywho, my loan payment finally posted on Credit Karma.

$1,174 of debt wiped!!

I have so much  more to go, and I know it’d go by faster but, I’ve been struggling with my budget.

I try to keep my spending to a minimum, and I’ve been a little more lax about that since my tax refund haha.

I do know that my credit card debt will officially be under $20,000 this month which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s a huge deal to me! I have quite a bit of funds this month to pay down on my highest interest cards – Paypal and Alaska Air Bank of America.

Side note, like always, one of the auto loans on my account is my boyfriend’s car that I do not pay for.

For fun today – here is my original Credit Karma snapshot from August!