Officially starting a Low FODMAP diet!

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The time has come.

I should go back a couple of days.

The time had come. I had my appointment scheduled with my RDN to review all of the paperwork I had filled out, including but not limited to, medical history, symptoms, etc.

That afternoon, I felt hesitation. Because, I was afraid of change.

I had my appointment yesterday, and she asked me “If we were to start, when would you be able to start?”


That’s tomorrow.

There’s a part of me that I already know is going to try to sabotage my own progress. I am still working through my failures and my addictions. I have a terrible relationship with food that I know I will try to clutch on to during this process, so I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t a diet. I’m not restrictive calories, my end goal is not to lose weight. Although, I really want to lose weight. It’s not the goal.

My RDN and I discussed certain food goals for me to focus on – an increase of protein as I’ve been currently not eating (consistently) enough protein, an increase in my beverage intake (water, tea, etc) and a decrease in High FODMAP foods.

I’ve read food and nutrition labels, but this from a difference perspective. It’s no longer about calories and macro makeup, but ingredients.

The hardest part is eating out. It’s easy to think that I can go to a restaurant and not order meat, or certain fruits and vegetables, but sauces and seasonings?

I wrote in a previous post that garlic and onions are a no no, including powders and salts. As I’m sitting here eating my tofu and pumpkin red curry – I can’t help but wonder if there is both garlic and onions in the sauce.


what is going to be fun is experimentation.

So here are a few resources I found that we can all share!

Growing Home – Bec Pollock

The Wild Gut Project – Carrie Gill

A Little Bit Yummy – Alana