Sometimes you need to feel like shit to get better . . . I guess

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Well this . . . sucks

Yesterday, around midday I became extremely nauseated and vomited so much I had to leave work. What’s worse? I vomitted on myself on the drive home . . . thrice! The nausea and vomitting continued when I arrived home to the point that all that was coming up was foam. It started as pale yellow bile and grew to dark yellow bile to phlegm and then to:


It was terrible and excruciating.

This morning, I felt the best I have all week.

I missed my appointment with my RDN, and tried to explain as best I could. I use an app ‘My Symptoms+” to track what I consume, how I feel, my bowel movements, etc – and she said when she was reviewing it, she could see that I started to go a little down hill this week.

The best part of this situation, is that I feel the best I have all week. I feel refreshed. I feel like I’ve slept better. I feel lighter. I feel new? Maybe that’s a weird one, but I have certainly lost the 3 pounds of HEAVY I was carrying all week.

Day 1 of my elimination FODMAP again: starting the morning with half a cup of coffee with my (vice) sweet italian creme creamer. For lunch I’m going to eat spring rolls – which I’ve reviewed carefully into my fodmap apps (Monash University – look it up!) and everything is ago! For dinner, I’m considering rice with tofu in soy sauce. I’ve also got a 20 ounce Canada Dry ginger ale to ease the stomach through the day, just in case.