Can I redo everything and start back at 1?

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I’m sitting here . . .  and I’m trying to push through moments, emotions and feelings that I have seem to have on a constant carousel.

I get an idea, a feeling – I jump for it.

I lose interest or it gets hard.

I get a new idea.

I lose interest.

Even reviewing my old blog posts, I can see the patterns and the waves. I start everything but finish nothing. Some days I’ll recommit and get back on track – but the carousel keeps on spinning.

A lot of the time, is it really just fear? Am I afraid of failing?  So, I just give up before it can happen? Maybe I just lose the belief that I’m worth the effort?

I don’t want to say this time will be different right now, because it’s always the same.

But will this time be different?

Only time can tell, I guess.