adidas /// wanderlust 108

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This past Saturday, Ry and I went to Liberty Station for the Wanderlustfest event that included an adidas sponsored 5k run, yoga and meditation.

We showed up around 8:30; in time to get our bag checked, lay out our mats and relax before the pre-run shake out. We headed off to the starting line, where they reiterated multiple times that the 5k was not timed and was not a race.

I went in with absolutely no expectations – and only with the goal to complete it.

I barely completed it. barely.

The 5k run didn’t even map out to 3.1 miles, but 2.6 (or 2.4 or 2.5 depending on whos watch you looked at)… but those 2.6 miles were slightly unbearable. Slightly might be the incorrect word, because it was unbearable.

My feet hurt, my legs hurts, my chest hurt, my ribs hurt, I just couldn’t find a stride.

Alas, those 32 minutes eventually passed and we got to relax for about an hour before the yoga portion, which





was more than I have ever done in a yoga session. I tapped out at around 65 minutes – and when we drove past on our way to leave they were still going…

My iWatch clocked me in at around 240 active calories during the session, and perhaps it was because it was midday and the sun was baring down – but it felt better than any lift I’ve done at the gym recently.

Initially, I was really closed off. The instructor was really … repetitious. Same 3-4 movements, over and over again. Then she’d say “last one” but then keep going 2-3-4 more times. Eventually, I started to get used to it, I started to move with the flow, and more importantly, I started to breathe with the flow, but, in hour under the glaring sun wore me down and I decided it was time for lunch!