Austin, Texas – MotoGP

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This past weekend Ry and I traveled to Austin, Texas.

Austin has probably been on my US wishlist for a few years now, but never high enough to actually make it happen.

When the opportunity arose to go for MotoGP, Ry and I started planning.

Months went by and it finally crept up!



CoTA = Circuit of The Americas. Home of the Grand Prix and Formula 1 (or least it used to be, I think Formula 1 now has their own track).

Admittedly, we spent a lot of money on souvenirs and items, so we sort of skimped ourselves on eating out. Friday night, we did go to a restaurant downtown – Moonshine Grill – and it was delicious. I ordered a crispy chicken salad with honey mustard and a moonshine mule. To die for! (Yuck, the pun. I did eat a lot of chicken in TX 😦 )

Saturday morning we grabbed coffees at a paraguayan shop I was really excited about. The day we flew out, I spent the morning looking up latinx owned businesses, and Coffee Nena’i was the one I set my heart on. It did not disappoint!!!

I ordered us cortaditos (coffees with milk and sugar.. but not like.. your regular coffee at all), Ry got an empanada and I got a chipa. Then, of course, Ry realized just how delicious it really was and ordered more empanadas… now I’m craving a cortadito!

Ry and I watching MotoGP qualifyings


[FUTURE EDIT: Now, for the race… I have a lot of photos but I haven’t gone through them. will update accordingly]

Obviously, the best part of the weekend? Meeting MotoGP riders…

Maverick Vinales

Team Yamaha, #25 – Maverick Viñales

They actually pulled me to the front, because I was wearing his jacket, which he signed ❤


& then by some stroke of luck, while we were at the airport checking in our luggage we ran into Honda Repsol #36 – Dani Pedrosa!