RN, BSN – strikeout

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Initially, I thought I would be able to apply to a BSN program would be 2020.

Now it’s more like… at the tail end of my 5 year plan.

sad face.

I don’t even really know what to say to this curve ball – but I refuse to be struck out.


Backstory, I have a low transferring gpa (as in 1.6). The nursing program itself requires a 2.75 gpa. I am missing a ton of science/lab pre-reqs. The plan was to obtain an Associates in Biology, which would not only help my gpa with all the required courses but also cover my pre-requisites.

Today, my advisor called and confirmed my transfer gpa of 1.6 and the courses that were transferring in. Unfortunately, he informed me that with the courses I am lacking in the Associates in Biology – it’s not enough courses to bring me past a 2.75, in fact, he said with straight A’s in the associates courses – it would only bring me a 2.2 gpa.


So, I have a new path that actually may be more suited for me.

I feel like I’m doing okay with this – can’t cry over a shit job I’ve done in the past right?